Curriculum Vitae

Eric M. Vanden Eykel, Roanoke, VA


Marquette University, Department of Theology: Doctor of Philosophy, Judaism & Christianity in Antiquity. Dissertation Title: “But Their Faces Were All Looking Up: Author and Reader in the Protevangelium of James

Marquette University, Department of Theology: Master of Arts, Biblical Theology, 2009

Emory University, Candler School of Theology: Master of Divinity, 2006

Southern Methodist University, Dedman College: Bachelor of Arts, Religion, 2003


“Beyond Historical Criticism? Avery Dulles’ Model for the Theological Interpretation of Scripture.” Heythrop Journal (forthcoming).

“Scripture in the Pastoral Letters of the Provincial Councils of Baltimore.” American Catholic Studies 121, no. 3 (2010): 55-79.

Book Reviews:

Joel B. Green. Practicing Theological Interpretation: Engaging Biblical Texts for Faith and Formation. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2012. Wesleyan Theological Journal (forthcoming)

Denis Farkasfalvy, O.Cist. Inspiration & Interpretation: A Theological Introduction to Sacred Scripture. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2010. Nova et Vetera (forthcoming)

Donald A. Hagner. The New Testament: A Historical and Theological Introduction. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2012. Catholic Books Review (April 2013)

David J. O’Brien and Thomas A. Shannon, eds. Catholic Social Thought: The Documentary Heritage. Expanded Edition. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2010. Catholic Books Review (July 2012)

Curtis Mitch & Edward Sri. The Gospel of Matthew. Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2010. Catholic Books Review (January 2011)


“A Virgin Shall Spin and Bear a Son: Reconsidering Mary’s Work in the Protevangelium Jacobi” at the Annual Meeting of the SBL, Baltimore, MD. 24 November 2013

“Whose Love? An Exegetical Analysis of Bernard Lonergan’s Use of Romans 5:5” at Lonergan on the Edge, Milwaukee, WI. 20 September 2013

Response to Olegs Andrejevs, “The Son of Man in Q2: A New Paradigm” at the Marquette/Loyola Colloquium, Milwaukee, WI. 16 February 2013

“You Shall Die on the Mountain? The Death of Moses and the Gospel of Luke” at the Upper Midwest Regional SBL, St. Paul, MN. 31 March, 2012

“The Virgin, the Moirae, and the Birth of the Messiah: Toward a Christological Understanding of the Protevangelium of James” at the Midwest Regional SBL, Bourbonnais, IL. 12 February, 2012

“The Wine of Cana and the ὄξος of the Cross: The Hour of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel” at the 2011 Upper Midwest Regional SBL/AAR/ASOR, St. Paul, MN. 2 April, 2011

Response to Jackson Lashier, “Irenaeus on the Generation of the Logos” at the Jewish Roots of Christian Mysticism invited panel, “Logos Theologies of the Second Century,” Milwaukee, WI. 12 April, 2010

“Koheleth, Toil, and the Prodigal Son: Reading Luke’s Parable through the Eyes of the Teacher” at the 2010 Upper Midwest Regional SBL/AAR/ASOR, St. Paul, MN.  10 April, 2010

“Be Imitators of Me, as I am of Christ: René Girard’s Mimetic Theory in St. Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians” at the 2009 Upper Midwest Regional SBL/AAR/ASOR, St. Paul, MN.  28 March, 2009

Response to Lisa Marie Belz, OSU, “Should Only A Woman Be Subordinate?: Examining the Subtle Corrective of Ephesians 5:21-33” at the Marquette/Loyola Colloquium, Milwaukee, WI.  7 February, 2009


Teaching Fellowship, Marquette University (2013-2014)

Arthur J. Schmitt Fellowship, Marquette University (2012-2013)

Doerr Chair Graduate Assistantship, Marquette University (2011-2012)

Teaching Assistantship, Marquette University (2010-2011)


Midwest Representative, Student Advisory Board of the Society of Biblical Literature (2012-2013)

Elected Board Member, President, Association of Graduate Students in Theology (AnGST) at Marquette University, (2011 – 2012)

On-Campus Student Representative (OSR) at Marquette University for the Society of Biblical Literature (2010 – 2012)

Elected Board Member, Treasurer, Association of Graduate Students in Theology (AnGST) at Marquette University, (2010 – 2011)


Society of Biblical Literature, American Academy of Religion, North American Patristics Society, Evangelical Theological Society, College Theology Society, Wesleyan Theological Society

Research Interests:

Christian Apocryphal Literature, New Testament, Synoptic Gospels, History of Biblical Interpretation, Theological and Literary Exegesis, René Girard, Scripture and Ethics

Languages Read:

Koine Greek, Biblical Hebrew, German, French, Spanish