About Me

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I am an Assistant Professor of Religion at Ferrum College in southwestern Virginia. Prior to assuming this post, I was a doctoral student at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

My area of specialization is ancient Judaism and Christianity in general and early Christian literature in particular. The focus of my research is on the interrelatedness of canonical and apocryphal Christian texts, specifically, on how these texts reform, reshape, and reinterpret one another in the minds of their readers and hearers. My dissertation (defended in the spring of 2014) attempted to address this phenomenon vis-à-vis an influential ancient biography of the Virgin Mary, the so-called Protevangelium of James.

This blog has gone through a number of metamorphoses since I started it back in 2007 (or thereabouts). Its most common form has been that of an abandoned blog whose author only posts when he is attempting to avoid doing other work (let the reader understand). I make no promises regarding consistency or content.

Material posted here does not necessarily reflect the views of my employer or anyone else whose opinion I value, including my own. I am constantly sarcastic, so keep that in mind as you read.