Looking Toward Marriage 5

We’re back with another episode of Looking Toward Marriage. See the original post here, and get caught up on the others here, here, and here.

Today we have a wonderful entry from chapter 4, ” ‘Choice’ Advice.” Enjoy:

Of course you want to be proud of the appearance of the person you marry; that goes with out saying. The point that may need a little explanation is just what we mean by physical attractiveness. A Zulu with a nose ring would not qualify in Hollywood, but according to jungle standards [did I mention these posts are for entertainment value only?!] might be a glamour girl. After all, beauty is largely a matter of racial convention.

A classic arrangement of eyes, nose, ears, and teeth, which to some people spells beauty, is not the whole answer even in our country. Legend speaks of the face that launched a thousand ships; maybe the one you select wouldn’t even launch a canoe, but don’t let that bother you; the person may have another type of beauty which is even more important.

The most effective beauty treatments for any face are inner radiance, enthusiasm, kindliness, and good health. Paint your face from the inside. A person whose inner mechanisms are ticking with precision and balance has a better chance to be attractive than one whose organs or glands have lost equilibrium, because the normal person is neither overweight nor underweight, has a good healthy color, and a fetching sparkle in the eye. Do we hear some of you still persist in glorifying a handsome or a pretty face?


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