Looking Toward Marriage 4

We’re back with another edition of Looking Toward Marriage. Click here if you’re just joining us, and be sure to catch up on entries two and three.

Today we have another piece of advice from chapter 3, “Data for Dating,” as I realize that the third installment on “heavy petting” may have left many of you wanting more (so to speak).

As a boy, you should protect the girl from both your emotions and her own. Learn your own limits of self-control and go home before you reach those danger zones. Of course, if you go in for prolonged petting, you’re definitely asking for trouble. Develop those qualities of manliness and courage which will enable you to treat all girls in such a way that they will never have any heartaches for having known you.

Intermission: For any men reading this, I do think that last sentence conveys timeless wisdom.

And what about the responsibilities of the girl in the case? As a girl, you should develop a technique for avoiding circumstances which lead to heavy petting. Many girls are as much to blame as boys when catastrophes occur. Again we say, set your standards and let the boy know what they are. If the boy himself is fundamentally decent, he’ll respect them. If he is not, why go with him? To combat the overtime parking problem, suggest hamburgers at the drive-in, or make it a policy to encourage foursomes instead of twosomes. A clever girl can make an evening the kind she wants it to be.

All this may sound as if the world were a pretty difficult sort of place for nice people, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Dating is fun — it’s normal — and the quota of petting is usually just enough to blend in nicely with the music and the food and give a bit of romance to the end of an evening.

Thus ends the fourth installment of Looking Toward Marriage. Look for number five on Monday. Have a great weekend.


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