Looking Toward Marriage 3

Welcome to another installation of Looking Toward Marriage. See the second entry here, and more importantly, the rationale for this series here. If you are just joining us, please be warned that these posts are for entertainment purposes only.

Today’s advice on “petting” comes from chapter 3, “Data for Dating”:

There are two kinds of petting — the milder, hand-holding, kiss-on-the-cheek variety and the other more dangerous type usually labeled, for lack of a better name, “heavy petting.” The first includes words of love, light caresses. There isn’t much of a problem here, but the second kind of petting presents quite a different situation.

As we sat, trying to define it in so many words, we turned for help to a huge pile of papers written by graduating seniors in a large metropolitan high school “The problem belongs to them,” we thought. “What do they have to say about it?” Maybe you would be interested in some frank, word-for word quotations:

Bill H. — “A composite of kissing, necking, and going as far as one dares without violating chastity.”

Bob W. — “Embracing — and perhaps going much farther than a kiss.”

Margery L. — “Indulging in love-making merely to get a sensation.”

John R. — “Physical love-making which, if carried too far, can do harm both physically and mentally.”

No matter how you say it, “heavy petting” spells danger.


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