Looking Toward Marriage 2

Welcome to part 2 of Looking Toward Marriage. If you’re just joining us, please see this post.

Today’s entry comes from chapter 2, entitled “How Good a Magnet Are You? or Attracting the Opposite Sex.”

Most of you put the cart before the horse and ask, “Does the other sex like me?” when what you really should say is, “How well do I like the opposite sex?” In other words, if you are a man and thoroughly enjoy feminine society — think the fair sex is a pleasant part of the social landscape — at least some of the girls are quite apt to find something attractive about you. If you belong to the so-called weaker sex, and consider men or boys very enjoyable and interesting creatures, a few of them are quite certain to be drawn in your general direction.

Meet people of the other sex at least halfway. The cynical, bored look, the stifled yawn, and the embarrassed silence are hurdles that few people want to jump over in order to get to know you better. If you honestly like the opposite sex, show it with warmth and friendliness; and the opposite sex is apt to be attracted to you. Try it and find out.


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