Looking Toward Marriage 1

We have a bookshelf in our living room that until recently held a copy of Looking Toward Marriage, a “vintage” book in every sense of the term. Because my sixteen-month-old daughter has become fascinated by it (God save us), I have moved it to a less-conspicuous place in hopes that she will not destroy it (as she is prone to do with books).

Published in 1944, this 100-page gem is a treasure trove of outdated and often hilarious advice, just the sort of advice that you’d like to see on a blog. I have thus decided to dedicate a series of posts to conveying marital/dating wisdom of ages past. I hope you enjoy.

The first entry is from chapter 1, entitled ” ‘Dear’ Hunting, or How to Meet the Opposite Sex”:

No one can afford to overlook the possibility of meeting a mate in business. That sober efficient young man may be very different when you are out with him on a date. Don’t discourage his attentions too much. That quiet, mouselike young lady who signs in next to you each morning may have a sparkle after business hours. At least, it’s worth a try …

You women will be interested, we are sure, to know what occupations are most apt to offer an opportunity for meeting men. In a study made at the American Institute of Family Relations, one hundred educated women rated various occupations as to marriage prospects in the following order:

1. Secretary

2. Worker in dramatic field

3. Bookkeeper

4. Stenographer

5. Journalist

6. Salesperson

7. Hostess

8. Buyer

9. Nurse

10. Lawyer

11. Teacher

12. Dietician

13. Librarian

14. Social worker

15. Physician.

This isn’t the last word on the subject of course. In fact, since the airplane hostess has captured our romantic imagination, the hostess would probably rate higher now, if another study were to be made. It does mean, however, that women in occupations at the end of the list need to recognize that their work may have limitations along the line of meeting men and that it will be necessary for them to make an extra effort to meet men in other ways. Then, too, it may influence some young women in their choice of an occupation, although with all the other suggestions listed in this chapter, even a social worker in an old ladies’ home should be able to overcome the handicap of her job.

So many things to say, but I shall leave the comments to you.


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