The End of an Era

Today I handed in my last seminar paper. This is not just the last seminar paper of the semester — it is the last seminar paper I will ever turn in. Why, you ask? Because I’m FINISHED with coursework!

Truthfully, the feeling is a bit odd. I started seminary in 2003, and with the exception of the one year that I spent out of school teaching, I have been taking graduate classes every semester, with the occasional summer course or two thrown into the mix. Now, after seven full years of being in class (this, of course, is not counting four years of undergrad) and churning out papers each semester, I’m finished.

I wish I could say that I have a restful summer planned out for myself, but this is unfortunately not the case. No, now that I’m done with coursework I have to start gravitating toward the ominous reality of Doctoral Qualifying Exams, which will take place in October of this year at the latest. After these are over, THEN I’ll be free! Oh wait, I’ll still have to write a dissertation. Well, one of these days…


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