Were Adam and Eve “Naked” in the Garden?

In LXX Gen 3:11, God poses the question to Adam, Τίς ἀνήγγειλέν σοι ὅτι γυμνὸς εἶ; That is, “Who told you that you are naked?” This morning, I posed the question of how we are to take the adjective γυμνός. If you have never lived in the South, then the answer to this question is simple: Adam and Eve were “naked” in the garden.” If you have lived in the South, however, the question becomes more complicated.

In the South, a distinction is drawn between being “naked” and being “nekkid.” If you are in the former state, it is implied that you are simply without your clothing. If you are in the latter state, then in addition to being without your clothing, it is implied that you’re up to no good.

Urban Dictionary rightly states, “Nekkid is not simply being without clothing–It means you are gettin’ nekkid for mischevious purposes. Naked is natural; nekkid is naughty.”

In the context of Southern exegesis, I would have to say with great confidence that Adam and Eve were not “naked” in the garden. No, the situation is far more grave than that.


4 thoughts on “Were Adam and Eve “Naked” in the Garden?

  1. Snarky digs at NFP aside, I feel I should ask, “Where are their kids?” I’ve always thought it odd that humanity was called to be fruitful and multiply from the beginning, but they don’t really get around to actually producing kids until after ejection from the garden.

  2. As the narrative portrays it, I think their time in the garden was fairly short-lived…the command to be fruitful and multiply, as I understand it, takes at least nine months to fulfill.

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