Top Search Terms

I recently took a look at the stats for this blog, and I chuckled at the search terms that have led people here over the past month. Here are the top 10:

  1. “ron swanson pyramid of greatness” — Apparently many are interested in how to climb the pyramid of greatness.
  2. “petaus” — I’m pleasantly surprised that Petaus, the illiterate village scribe, has generated some traffic!
  3. “an open letter to the u.s. catholic bishops on the forthcoming missal” — On the new translation of the Latin missal, see here and here.
  4. “greatness” — It’s tempting to see this as a reference to the first item listed, but I like to think it is in reference to “greatness itself,” which, for obvious reasons, is a relevant search term for this blog.
  5. “ron swanson’s pyramid of greatness” — See item #1.
  6. “parks and recreation ron swanson” — Again, see item #1.
  7. “eric vanden eykel” — I might be in seventh place, but at least I made it!
  8. “images of greatness” — Again, think “greatness itself.”
  9. “protoevangelio di giacomo” — Perhaps my little bibliography has generated some interest among the Italians?
  10. “brushing up on french” — Something that I wish I knew more about. See this post.

Data without interpretation is not interesting. I conclude from these search terms that:

  • NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” needs to pay me a little something for helping to advertise the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness.
  • If one made a list of interesting things on my blog, I would be low on the list.
  • Those searching for “greatness itself” have providentially made their way here.

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