A Jesuit Joke

….or a joke about Jesuits.

Thanks to Doug Chaplin for this one:

At a conference of religious, it was the time for Vespers. It so happened that in one room there was a Domincan, a Benedictine, a Franciscan and a Jesuit together. Shortly after they started in on the Divine Office, the room they were in was suddenly plunged into darkness as the lights went out.

The Benedictine serenely continued with the Office, since he knew it by heart.

The Dominican turned to his fellows and suggested that they should enquire into the nature of light and the causal sequence that had led to its cessation.

The Franciscan knelt down with a thump in the middle of the room and prayed for light.

The Jesuit, meanwhile, had left the room to mend the fuse.



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