SBL 2010

One of the great things about flying around the holidays (at least over the past couple of years) is that sometimes airlines will find a sponsor for their in-flight wireless internet. This year, Delta teamed up with Google, and as a result I’m typing this from inside the plane…for free!

SBL this year was nice. It was great to be back in Atlanta for a weekend (where I lived for four years), and it was nice to catch up with some friends who have been scattered across the country to study and work. The papers I went to were all quite good. Some stick out in my head more than others. Sunday night, there was a book discussion/review of Kavin Rowe’s World Upside Down, which included great responses from Beverley Gaventa, Doug Harink, Stephen Fowl, and Rob Wall (whose paper was given by a colleague). I have not yet read the book, but I’m looking forward to doing so over Christmas break!

This morning, I attended a session sponsored by the Society of Christian Ethics entitled “What Biblical Scholars Wish Ethicist Would Start/Stop Doing With Scripture” or something along those lines. Stanley Hauerwas was scheduled to be there, although he had to cancel for some reason. Stephen Fowl and Terrance Fretheim made some great points, and although Hauerwas was not able to make it, there was some good discussion afterward.

As usual, the book room was greatly tempting, although a limited budget provides one with the means to resist much temptation. I picked up Michael Gorman’s Reading Revelation Responsibly as well as the new Fundamentals of Biblical Greek from Eerdman’s…I’m planning on working up an informal review of it in the near future. I resisted the urge to add more modules to my already stellar Accordance Bible Software…I told the representative there that I might be more inclined to buy something if I could use it on my iPhone…they’ve been promising an app now for about a year and it is still not out. Hopefully by Christmas, or so I’m told.

SBL at this time of year is not without its drawbacks, of course. As a student who is still in the thick of classes (although thankfully nearing the end!), this time of year is exceptionally busy. I currently have two sizable papers on my plate, and for one of them I’m having to wade through Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae in some depth. To my dismay, I found myself needing to go off by myself a few times this weekend to get some reading done. I’m looking forward to next year, when I will be done with my qualifying exams and able to focus more on the conference.

In short, another year, another SBL!


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